Day 2 - Moving to America!

Well not a bad sleep considering the massive change we have just gone through! Apart from a 4.30am wake up from youngest child, we all woke again about 7.45am...

If you are interested....our youngest female cat appeared settled from day one and was happy to go straight outside and spent hours climbing trees and racing around the garden, our older male cat was tetchy and wide eyed and left a few 'accidents' for us around the house for a few days.

The cable guy arrived to set up our home phone, cable TV, wifi and whilst he was here I received an 'amber alert' on my mobile now I know iPhone's are very sophisticated but this was our first 24 hours in America so I had absolutely no idea who or what it could be, I asked the cable guy and he explained someone had been reported missing therefore an 'amber alert' gets sent to all cell phones. Such an amazing idea. http://www.amberalert.gov/index.htm

Today has been mostly spent shopping, navigating my way around the house and unpacking! By evening the children needed a good scrub clean, the eldest got in the bath in the master bathroom this bath is large and circular with jacuzzi jets, we turned on the jets without checking the water level was above the jet holes AND water shot out across the bathroom at what appeared to be a hundred miles an hour, hitting the walls on the opposite side of the bathroom we quickly turned it off and I was soaked but it was our first good belly laugh we'd had in the house!

My mum and dad Skyped us this evening, it was good to see their happy smiling faces after mums tears the day we left to go to the airport...

Husband went on a tame stag do this evening he got picked up in a black hummer limo with loud tipsy men knocking on our door....the neighbours will love us I thought! I had an early night with the girls by 8pm we were all completely shattered and fast asleep!

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