Day 4 - Moving to America!

Sunday 16th March 2014

Today is the first day I haven't felt jet lagged...we decided to attempt more shopping this time to HEB - similar to Tesco's -  for food I felt a mixture of excitement looking at all the new foods and labels to a small level of frustration when I couldn't find any tea bags....a great friend of mine ended up posting some PG tips to me- will love her forever obv xx I have since found PG tips along the bottom shelf in HEB right in the very far corner....I searched for quite a while!

Oh god the time has come for me to finally drive......amongst the planning, the talking, the excitement, the guilt and sadness of leaving loved ones behind, the wonder of what will become of us in America a small but scary voice along the whole journey that I just could not silence was eating away at my sanity, the irrational voice that says you will crash the minute you get out of the driveway....

As you can imagine I insisted on driving to and from the school in practice for the week ahead....THREE times we went back and forth, yes I cried out of panic and frustration...

I cooked a Spaghetti Bolognese, all the plates were cleared including the children phew! No one asked whether it was Dolmio or not....it wasn't of course nor home made....I will get back into the swing of that later!

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