Day 5 - Moving to America!

Monday 17th March 2014

Today was our eldest daughter's first day at school I was up at 6am yet still we were all rushing out of the door at 7.15am this is actually a bit early but it was her first day, on the way we drove past some children sitting on the side of the road I learned later that week they were waiting for the school bus. 

We arrive at the school, park up and walk to the school office the staff were all aware this was E's first day, we then had a quick chat with the school nurse who I had communicated with plenty of times before arrival due to the regulations on vaccinations being slightly different to the UK, next was the principle he knew E's name, that it was her first day and wished her well it was then into assembly.

The first big difference we encounter from an English school came next the pledge of allegiance to the American flag and then the Texas flag, we hear the principle say "please face the American flag put your right hand on your heart and begin" I must say we found this to be very surreal. It was also St Patricks day, an Irish dad had organized for some local children who practice Irish dancing to perform a show at the school assembly they were amazing and our youngest was copying the dance all day!

After assembly we all walk to the classroom with E's new teacher, her desk, peg and work book were already named and ready and after a few last cuddles E had an 'I'm ok' smile on her so we left her to it. 

Next stop today was the social security office to get our social security numbers my husband got his ok however I needed my marriage certificate 'to prove' we were married before my husband arrived in America four days ago. Rules are rules!

The weather is warming up this afternoon, I can feel we are getting very close to being able to get in our pool!


  1. Hi

    Great to find your blog. I've been enjoying having a browse. I moved from Scotland to America (a couple of states north of yours), lived there for 6 years and now we're back in Scotland. Months after we'd moved, my son (who was 9 at the time) saw the Pledge of Allegiance written down, which he'd been saying daily. He said "Oh, it's "Under God". I thought it was "Under Guard"." That's what it had sounded like to his British ears!

    1. HI! Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you are enjoying reading my blog! I love the story of your son saying 'Under Guard' I can relate to that! What brought you back to Scotland after 6 years?