Day 6 - Moving to America!

Tuesday 18th March 2014

We still just have the hire car at the moment and I don't feel I have much confidence in driving yet so my husband sat with me again whilst I drove to school, I then had to drop him off at his office which is a few miles down the highway from the school. I knew what was coming next I then had to drive home on the highway for the first time on my own it was terrifying but I felt elated to have done it and got myself and youngest daughter home in one piece. 

With still a million things to sort out here I felt very overwhelmed this morning, I questioned whether it was because I felt we'd done the wrong thing, not for a second. This has been a massive change for us all and I think I underestimated how I would feel once here, we got so caught up in the move, talking about it, getting prepared, saying goodbyes there seemed to be no room to think about what life would actually be like when we got here.

There are definitely more differences from the UK than I was anticipating, and I would never have guessed I would be asked if I was Australian before the first week was over!

I collected E from school, she said she had a great time, met lots of lovely friends and really enjoyed herself this absolutely makes my day, I am a stay at home mum and my children are my world, their happiness and achievements make my life wonderful. For me no paid job has ever been able to match up to the wonders of motherhood.

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