Monday 28th April 2014

The Texan summer is definitely on its way the air con is now on in the house as well as the car, the sun cream has come out of the cupboard and the pool is in use even without being heated and a shopping trip was quickly organised to buy some more summer clothes! The average daytime temperature is now 92f/34c.

This Saturday the children were invited to another birthday party this time held at Rolly Pollies and it is just the place I've been looking for, a safe indoor activity play zone for the children to run off energy without the sun beating down.

Saturday night as we still had our live-in babysitters here so my husband and I decided to try a new Italian restaurant called Siena situated in a beautiful Tuscan villa nestled in the hills of the Austin “lake district.” A great choice on all levels, the setting, food, wine, decor and company of course and a couple even got engaged there that night!  

On Sunday we decided to visit a beauty spot called Mount Bonnell it's a prominent point alongside the Lake Austin portion on the Colorado river, the mount provides stunning viewing of Austin, Lake Austin, and the surrounding hills all I can say it if you ever visit be more prepared than I was for the 100f+ dry heat that literally swallowed up my energy in a nano second, its a great location for photographers though!         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Bonnell

Sadly the time has now come for us to start our short trip to the airport, after peeling the children off my parents we say our goodbyes to our very first visitors, a sad affair with tears from the females in the group especially :(

It's slightly bad timing this is the morning we wake up to see on the news tornado warnings over half of America including Texas, I have downloaded an app called 'Flightstats' which delivers real-time global flight tracking and airport data services and actually tracks the plane on route my parents plane left on time so all is well!

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