Day 3 - Moving to America!

So we have made it to the weekend and time for some home furnishing shopping at Ikea, we are tired, have two excitable children with us and its a busy Saturday it was a long and hideous trip but we survived, just, and arrive home to find two gardeners mowing the lawn a very pleasant surprise!

I had a couple of Skype conversations with my sister and best friend, it was amazing to see their faces and hear their voices it really feels for that moment in time they could actually be stood right in front of me, thank god for modern technology otherwise I'm not sure I could have made this big move.

My husband went to bed early and I attempted to find Saturday night Takeaway on ITV player, it blocked me because it 'knew' I wasn't in the UK I found this to be fascinating but annoying at the same time I eventually found the previous weeks episode on youtube! Ha!

At this stage my head is still literally spinning from all the experiences of the last few months, weeks and days, it is all immensely exciting, frightening, surreal but real all at once, I think early to bed for me too its going to be a long week!

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