Week 2

In England children start school at 4 years old therefore our youngest had been at school in England about 7 months before we moved to Austin, she is the youngest of the year so she was delighted to be going back to pre-school for a few months!

I did some research and found there was a pre-school opposite the elementary school and after a quick meeting I discovered there was one space left for her 3 mornings a week I said I'll take it! L was excited to be getting back into a learning and fun environment and her first day went amazingly well, the teachers said the kids were crowding round her and making a real fuss which she loved!

E has been invited to a birthday party so we all head to The Candy Jar I noticed on the walls of The Candy Jar there are photos from the original film Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory that were signed by the actors, I was tempted to put one in my bag as I loved that film as a child!

We were then invited by the parents over the road to the outdoor amphitheater and the Iron Cactus, we stayed for drinks, dinner and the kids all ran around dancing for hours...

By Sunday we were shattered and decided a lazy day was just what we needed so we went for dinner at the County Line on the lakeside, next to the outdoor seating area you could put your feet in the water and there were lots of turtles swimming around, some coming up close to have a good look at us...

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