Six Weeks In

Well it's six weeks today since we stepped off that plane with no return booked, what a crazy, surreal, eye opening, amazing, overwhelming, bonkers experience and we have only just begun...

Some days I feel life is very similar to our life in England then when someone hears my accent and I give an overview of why we are here and watching their reactions really brings home what a huge change we've made and how new everything still is.

When I see updates and new photos on social media sites and have online and video conversations with friends and family back home I feel there will always be a tug on the heart strings and I hope there isn't anyone out there who thinks we've forgotten about them or England not for a second 💖

Today our youngest daughter, myself and my parents visit Zilker Park which is a recreational area in the heart of South Austin, it has over 350 acres of land including Barton Springs Pool, the Botanical Gardens, a miniature railway, a hillside theatre, soccer and volleyball fields, a polo field, a nature centre, plus numerous historical markers, concession stands and picnic areas.

That evening we went for dinner at Maudies a Tex-Mex restaurant around the corner from our house it has a great casual laid back vibe with an interesting mix of food choices and a licensed bar.

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