w/c 31st March 2014

4th April After ALOT of discussion with other mum's from E class I felt the time was right to let her go to school on the bus, the majority of school kids use the free bus, the whole system is very well organised plus E was desperate to try it. I was of course 15 minutes early waiting for the bus to arrive back after school and E loved every second, looks like we'll be sticking with it then!

5th April Finally it's Friday night! Life is now slowly settling into a familiar pattern i.e. school runs, cooking dinner, house work, food shopping etc so after a few crazy weeks this Friday feels like how a Friday should, the week has finished and it's time to relax, party, whatever we fancy really! Plus a takeaway and wine is usually on the cards for us...

Two more of husbands work colleagues have moved to Austin this week so we all met at The Park in The Domain for drinks and dinner we discussed our adventures so far, feelings for the future and so on, it still all feels very surreal at the moment....


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