Our first visitors and the shipping arrives!

This weekend is my husbands birthday and that evening we decided to go downtown for the first time since we moved here. We went with some work colleagues their partners and friends, seeing the buzz and lights of downtown again for the first time since our visit in November 2013 has given us the drive to get out again soon just need to get some babysitters!. We started with dinner at Sullivan's steakhouse which sadly has now closed down and enjoyed some great steak then it was off to a bar where we danced until closing - standard night for us Brits! 

Two exciting things happened next, my parents arrived for a visit and our shipping arrived from England. 
Our shipping was booked to arrive at 10am I was expecting it to be a little late as these things tend to be, just as I was starting to get worried the container finally arrives almost four hours late. 

After traveling 4847 miles from England unscathed then just a few miles down the road the container was stopped on the highway by State Stroopers thankfully there was nothing to report just a routine search. The guys start unloading the container, I am given an inventory form and pen and asked to tick off every box and item as it is unloaded into the house...92 items and eight sheets of paper later the shipment guys are satisfied their job is complete and head of looking a little tired ;)


Then it's a quick turn around getting the children fed, bathed and ready in their PJ's for my mum and dad's arrival...it was such a buzz to see them again we all hug, the children squeal and we show mum and dad to their room.

Even though we've only been in Austin almost five weeks it feels like we have loads of new things to show mum and dad, but really we have not been out and about as much as we would have liked so this weekend is a good excuse to organise this...😬

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