New Places To Visit.....

One of the things we love to do is visit new places to experience our new surrounding and try out new food outlets. Today was another day of good weather so we visited an outside food venue called The Midway Food Park this includes trailer food, neon lights, oak trees, live music, and a playground, unfortunately we got there a little late in the day and a lot of the trailers had already sold out of food but we eventually found some pasta for the children, Italian frittata (similar to an omelette) for me and meat sandwich for hubby.

We have been living in Austin now for nine weeks and this is the first time I have felt a sense of homesickness, I know this is a normal reaction for anyone to experience on any level. We love Austin and are very happy here so I guess this is part of the transition process that can strike at any time. We have friends from England visiting us in one week so to have a piece of home here will be priceless.


Mothers Day!

America celebrates Mothers day on a different day to England so over here it is on May 11th. We decided to celebrate on this date rather than in March mainly because it was easier for the children as we knew the school and preschool would be doing their usual Mothers Day craft work this week. 

In our traditional family way I enjoyed a lovely well deserved lay-in, beautiful and creative cards from the children, a yummy breakfast in bed, a stunning flower delivery and then dinner at a great local Italian restaurant it was a very pleasant day!

This weekend also involved two more childrens parties one at Pump It Up and one at a local country club, then in the evening we were invited to a block party in the neighbourhood near us. This involved bring your own alcohol, blankets, chairs and children, the organiser hired a massive outdoor movie screen for the kids, face painter and burger truck then opened their doors for a late night house party. 

I don't think the block party was for any particular reason just neighbours wanting to get together with the children and have fun together.

On a final note after us continually telling off the cats for drinking the pool water, one morning one of them obviously leant in a little too far...😆😆


Getting Out Of The Neighbourhood...

Recently I have felt my confidence in daytime driving has improved so this week I drove and visited some potential after school activity options for the children such as the local indoor swimming pool, dance studio, gymnastics arena and pony stables. 

This Saturday we headed down to the local swimming school as our eldest had an evaluation booked to determine which level she's at afterwards we went to Rita's Water Ice which sadly has since closed down for a frozen custard it was far far tastier than it sounds!

Our eldest daughter loved horse riding in England and again she had a private lesson to determine which level she can join she was so happy to be around the ponies again...

Also this weekend we were invited to one of our daughters school friends lake house. Many people who live here have a boat so we cruised up and down Lake Austin enjoyed a tasty BBQ and drank some traditional margaritas, it was a fun day!