Getting Out Of The Neighbourhood...

Recently I have felt my confidence in daytime driving has improved so this week I drove and visited some potential after school activity options for the children such as the local indoor swimming pool, dance studio, gymnastics arena and pony stables. 

This Saturday we headed down to the local swimming school as our eldest had an evaluation booked to determine which level she's at afterwards we went to Rita's Water Ice which sadly has since closed down for a frozen custard it was far far tastier than it sounds!

Our eldest daughter loved horse riding in England and again she had a private lesson to determine which level she can join she was so happy to be around the ponies again...

Also this weekend we were invited to one of our daughters school friends lake house. Many people who live here have a boat so we cruised up and down Lake Austin enjoyed a tasty BBQ and drank some traditional margaritas, it was a fun day!

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