A Breath of Fresh Air....

We have now experienced our second set of visitors to join us out here and what a breath of fresh air it was....just being around familiarity was the medicine I needed to overcome any lingering homesickness. The day they arrived it was raining so hard we were having second thoughts about it being safe for us both to drive to the airport to collect them all however after a few hours of torrential rain the clouds finally dispersed and the sun come out....we are told this is fairly normal for extreme weather changes in Austin obviously the heavy rain was rare for this time of year though.

E is still at school for a few days so one morning I take the children of our visitors into assembly, the classroom and to meet the teacher, already they are fascinated by the different accents, children not wearing uniform and E's new friends. As we also still feel new to Austin we spend the next few days taking our visitors to tried and tested haunts we already love such as Maudies Tex-Mex, South Congress Avenue, Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, Zilker Park and of course many hours just by our pool!

Saturday night adults only we headed to downtown Austin along sixth street and then on to a fancier bar called W Austin hotel bar, plenty of margaritas later we all hop onto numerous pedicab's which was hilarious fun and arrive at Rio nightclub and bar. We then stayed here drinking and dancing until home-time!

After a much needed lazy Sunday come Monday we gather up all five children and head down to Deep Eddy Pool, the pool is popular with adult recreational swimmers for its lap swimming pool and with children for its large wading pool. The pool is fed with clear, cold water from a hand-dug 35-foot well. In summer months, the pool sponsors Splash Party Movie Nights, showing family films on an inflatable movie screen visible by swimmers and waders.

The next day we try another popular resort in Austin named Barton Springs Pool, it is also a man-made recreational pool located on the grounds of Zilker Park, very similar to Deep Eddy but water fed by the Main Barton Spring. Barton Springs Pool is much bigger and looks more like a lake than a lido aka Deep Eddy.

We have been living in Austin now for 12 weeks, just as I was getting used to a new routine it has all changed again as the children are both off school for three months!! Watch this space haha!

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