Day to Day Life....

A recent enquiry from a close friend back in England who enjoys reading my blog said she wondered what our day to day life is also like....well Mon-Fri is pretty much the same routine as life in England but with more sun, new food to try, new people to meet and new places to visit...

This weekend for lunch we found The Oasis on Lake Travis, in 1979 the owner decided to buy a 500 acre plot of land which contained only a ranch house on it, along the shoreline of Lake Travis.  He envisioned a wonderfully successful and unique restaurant perched on top and its still a lovely place to visit today.

After a rainy start to the week we met with another mum for lunch and play date at a kid- friendly place named Hat Creek Burgers, it has a fairly plain menu but did serve an ok salad but more importantly is has an enclosed playground, so by the time lunch was devoured the children all ran around for ages to burn off some energy!

Next on my list for entertaining children in the never ending summer holidays was to see a free kids movie at the The Moviehouse & Eatery, here you can eat dinner whilst watching the latest film plus it has a licensed bar. This would be perfect if I was with another adult one evening and not two small children at 10am in the morning!

Even though the outside temperature is still high it's been raining every day this week so we tried a new indoor play area called Kidz N Play, they don't serve hot food but the staff ordered in Dominos pizzas for us...four hours later I left with two very tired children!

On a final note for this post I will just mention the hubby and children are pestering me to get a puppy...

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