Three months in!

We have been living in Austin now for three months yet it feels much, much longer in a positive way just because so much has changed for us all. We are sad to have already missed many celebrations in the form of birthday parties, births and a wedding however we love keeping up with everyone's news just as much as I hope people enjoy seeing how we are getting on out here...

The school holidays are now in full swing and for the first time since arriving here we visited a McDonalds of course it had a large flat screen TV plus interactive computer games for the children, this is not the norm in British McDonald restaurants!

We had a quiet start to the week by joining the local library and on my tour around the librarian informed me the library will go through a refurb later this year to include a drive-through drop off point for returning books also not the norm for British libraries!

We went to the cinema and saw How to Train a Dragon 2, not much to report here the foyer could do with a refurb but it is local and cheap costing £8 in total for three of us to see a new release.

A fun day out last week was to the Thinkery, after slowly evolving since 1983 the Thinkery is now an established children's museum focusing on “STEAM” learning – science, technology, engineering, art, and math – as well as healthy living. The girls were completely enthralled, captivated and entertained for hours, we'll be going back there soon.

We have also had Fathers Day and the World Cup begin cue one very happy excitable British hubby, he watched the first England game in downtown Austin at an Irish pub called Fado....apparently the atmosphere wouldn't be the same watching the game at home. 

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