Countdown to UK!

In no time at all the girls and I will be returning to England for a short trip, we will have been away almost five months by then I'm guessing after a few days it'll feel like we never left.

The girls have now started their first "summer camp" on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am-1.30pm I think the girls were ready to just hang out with some kids and have time to themselves I know I was ready! This particular summer camp was a casual mix of group games, art and craft, science, creative music and movement, splash and outdoor play, guest visitors etc

After a great first day at camp the girls were desperate for day two, unfortunately this was the day Barack Obama was in town and for obvious historical reasons no one knows in advance when this will happen the police just turn up and close the highway in all directions for anything up to two hours luckily we hadn't actually got to the highway before it closed.

My husband and I were asked if we would like to see John Legend live at the Cedar Park Center John played numerous new tunes and gave little snippets of his life story in between each song which was amusing and endearing at the same time and bless his cotton socks not the best dancer in the world! He finished off with 'ordinary people' and 'all of me' a completely amazingly, awe inspiring and enchanting show. 

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