Trip to The Homeland!

In Austin we are always on a quest to try new restaurants as much as we can and after bypassing this particular one numerous times due to it's continuing long queues we decide to go for it one Saturday so with both children in tow we joined the queue in the 95f heat under the fans releasing a fine mist of cool water and try the Hopdoddy Burger Bar. After getting inside the restaurant we then had another 45 minute wait before we get served and seated, great decor, atmosphere and exceptional food if you love gourmet burger and fries.

Next on our list was a magnificent suggestion by some new friends of ours to trial the Salty Sow I will tell you my meal choice this time as it was the tastiest dish I've had so far in Austin Slow cooked beef shoulder, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, glazed root vegetables and fried egg.

Well the time has finally arrived I am now alone with two children waiting to board our flight to England I sit us all directly in front of the gate entrance so there is zero chance of us missing the boarding. I was anxious about the whole airport and flight experience on my own with the children but it went so smoothly I wished I hadn't worried so much...story of my life!

For a few days it was disorientating being back, how come I never noticed how small the roads are before I then picked up my hire car and stalled it at the first traffic lights because I forgot I wasn't driving an automatic strangely it took a few days before I got back in the swing of driving on the left again.

It was great to wake up to hear seagulls and smell the sea air, plus a walk to the corner shop seemed a novelty too. Every day and most evenings we met up with someone different I wanted to squeeze in as many people as possible as we probably will not be back now until next summer it was amazing catching up with everyone even though through Facebook, Skype, email, whatsapp and the rest I already knew most of what everyone had been doing.

We are now back in Austin and have some exciting weeks ahead of us....we have the girls cousins and parents visiting for three weeks, BOTH girls starting back at school, a couple of birthdays to celebrate, Thanksgiving to experience and Christmas on the horizon.

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