Autumn 2014

It's definitely kids birthday party season....a new venue for us was the Playland skate centre...a roller skating ring which felt like a blast from the past but great fun nevertheless!

I have decided after a month of the children being at school I am happy for them to go in on the bus thankfully the bus route, timings and driver are all the same as before the summer....the bus driver is a lovely lady who is very nice to me but also tells me to 'hurry up' when I'm taking too much time giving the girls kisses goodbye!

After a recent discussion with a new American friend of mine I did some research and without a doubt I am now completely switching to organic foods here (except take-aways of course no ones perfect after all!) shockingly USA is still using a high quantity of ingredients in some foods which are BANNED in Europe and legally does NOT have to label whether their food products contain GM ingredients or not, an interesting read below...


Tonight we have our fourth set of visitors arriving from England this is always an exciting time for all concerned, they are looking to relax and enjoy themselves well they have come to the perfect place!

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