New Term...New Season...

Our third set of visitors have flown home now, there will always be a pull on the heart strings as we watch them walk out of sight through customs however we hope they have an armful of stories and memories to take away with them and that they enjoy telling their tales to friends, colleagues and family over and over.

We are now three weeks into the new school term and all was going well until I realised I was the only parent left hanging around after assembly to give 'one last cuddle' unfortunately this then interrupts the walk to the classroom and so on so I decide to say goodbye at the door and leave of course this was never going to go down well and a scene is created with my kindergartener crying, me upset and all in front of the whole school not ideal really...

So Daddy comes to save the day, his swift firm approach of walk, cuddle and go proved completely effective and so far it is working for me too I'll keep you posted!

All in all we are now in a good routine of school, play dates, parties and after school activities and the outside temperature has dropped slightly from around 96-102f to the mid 80's around 28c, still very appealing weather we all absolutely love it 😎

With our very lovely and fun realtor we have started looking at other houses within the school boundary and 
we always enjoy viewing the different styles of houses and neighbourhoods. The rental lease is up soon and we have decided the house we are currently in is way too big for a family of four and the maintenance and upkeep is quite frankly a pain.

We have some more visitors arriving very soon, I begin my volunteering at the school next week and hubby and I are looking forward to going to our first ever music festival next month ACL Festival.

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