New Experiences!

I saw this downtown and thought it would make an interesting photo for my blog...

Halloween decorations are everywhere and they are freaking me out. I had no idea Americans would start decorating their houses a month BEFORE Halloween, theres huge 4ft wide spiders attached to fake webs on houses and bushes, 8ft skeletons with black cloaks hanging from trees blowing in the breeze, huge inflatable black witches cats everywhere, grave stones popping up in people's front gardens I'm not sure I'm going to cope too well with the Halloween parties that are coming up...🎃

ACL weekend is here and its our very first music festival, we start by taking the girls straight after school on Friday and after queuing for an age we are in, it's hot and we have no idea where to go. So we just went straight to the beer tent of course, wine, beer, water for the girls and we are off...

Next stop was on the grass a million yards back from one of the stages for Paolo Nutini.....cannot deal with crowds and two small children! The girls are now ready for dinner we thought the safest bet would be pizza...we then found another stage and pitched up far back again and settled on the grass for Sam Smith....the girls loved dancing along to the music and making friends with the children sat next to us!

Saturday comes and it's raining...heavily....some of the acts are cancelled but by the time we have dropped the girls off with a sitter, got some lunch and headed home to switch the flip flops for wellies the sun is out and our enthusiasm has been revitalised! 

We were excited to see Iggy Azalea, she knocked out some good tunes, we met up with some friends and get set up in a fairly good spot for Lana del ray, then my fav of the whole weekend.....Eminem....amazing set....still a massive entertaining star! 

I will share with you our Saturday evenings shenanigans....after ACL we realised we hadn't had dinner and it's about 10.30pm by this point, our friend rings one of our fav restaurants downtown but unfortunately they had already closed the kitchen....so using his British accent to the fullest he explained he is part of a band from the UK and only just finished his set at ACL so we would appreciate them keeping the kitchen open if possible.....and it only blinking worked! Good times!

There was no school this Monday as it was Columbus Day not all Americans celebrate this day as the anniversary of Christopher Columbus landing in America anyway another mum and I head to Sweet Berry Farm for the day, a mix of train rides, face painting, flower picking, pumpkin painting, goat feeding and so on....you get the idea perfect for children.

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