Halloween And A Driving Test

I will just briefly cover Halloween again as so many people have asked me about Halloween in America....well on the night our local HOA's - Home Owners Associations - organised another block party with pizza, drinks, face painter etc then after a few hours the trick or treating began quite a sight to see at least 50 kids running the streets across everyone's perfect lawns in all their different outfits, one difference here from the UK is that kids dress up in ANY outfit for Halloween whereas my two stuck with their traditional witches outfits........I wondered why there wasn't many 'Halloween-y' outfits to chose from in the local stores!

The day had finally arrived to do my driving test 19 years after the first one, for two weeks I studied online and completed my 'theory' test, then it was time to sign up for the practical. 

I have to say I was not looking forward to it one little bit, the week before and on the way to the test centre I was concentrating so much on the rules and regulations that were slightly different to the UK test, when I started driving out of the car park towards the road to start the test I suddenly realised in horror I was driving on the left hand side of the road, my tester said as long as I didn't do that on the roads I'll be fine I mumbled my apologies, blamed my nerves and still managed to pass the test that day phew!

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