First Post of 2015

Happy New Year to you all! 

In England we lived close to a beach and every New Years Day the local pub would host a 'dip' where everyone wears fancy dress (costume's) and runs into the almost freezing sea water.

So we couldn't believe it when we read that a similar thing happens at Barton Springs Pool, so wrapped up warm we head straight down there as my mother-in-law wanted to give it a go...and yes she is wearing a wig for extra wow factor! http://www.myfoxaustin.com/story/27744338/austinites-take-the-plunge-in-barton-springs-on-new-years-day

The children are back at school now and its officially winter here in Austin its chilly and occasionally rainy but no snow, ice or wind. This Friday however weather forecasters were anticipating ice on the roads, and I found out this week our school policy when expecting ice is at 4am the school staff drive out on the local routes into school THEMSELVES, assess whether the roads are safe to drive and make a decision by 5am whether to close the school and then email/text all parents, that is a pretty impressive system!

We finally made it to Emma Long Metropolitan Park this Sunday for a walk, we didn't quite make it down to the lake as our toes were getting cold!

Overall January is going to be fairly quiet after a busy December what I can tell you is I am already starting to plan our summer holiday, we'll also re-start our house hunting soon and we have two weeks left until our new puppy is ready to come home...

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