My Brush With The Law

Phew it's finally getting warmer! I know I'm English and in theory should be 'used to' the cold weather but I have always hated the cold even when I was little, I once remember being the only child in class who said they preferred the Summer when all the other kids said they loved Winter so they could play in the snow!

This Saturday we enrolled the girls to start Spanish lessons, our five year old couldn't wait to get started however our eight year old had been moaning about it for ages, 'It's too hard', 'What's the point?', 'I just don't want to go' and so on but we decided to insist she goes to enhance their future opportunities if nothing else and what happened next? our eight year old was the one who came home loving it the most and then spent the rest of the weekend initiating playtime with the Spanish work books, these children never cease to amaze me!

So I'm driving home one day last week and as I went over the brow of a hill my car sped up faster than I was expecting, no worries I thought I'll just put my foot on the brake unfortunately for me this particular day there was a police car parked on the other side of the hill with a speed gun. The next thing I see and hear is the siren and blue lights flashing behind me, I pull over and from my Texas driving training remember to stay in the car and wait for the police officer to approach me. I'm then asked if I knew I was doing 49 mph in a 30 zone? eek shit!

Next question can the officer see my driving license and insurance details? I was on my way back from the gym and didn't have my handbag in the car but I knew photocopies where in the glove box, however as I'm in an American state where guns are legalised and from the films at least guns are kept in car glove boxes I double checked with the officer if I could open the glove box to get the copies out? The last thing I needed was to be spread out over the bonnet of the car in the middle of the day! So $200 down I'm now even more cautious on the roads!

On Sunday we all went to the cinema and saw the film Paddington, we loved seeing the scenes of London and hearing non stop English accents for an hour and a half plus I'm pretty sure we were the only family in there laughing at the jokes!

America has welcomed us with big open arms but it does feel nice to dip into the English way now and again!


  1. You can take the girl out of England but you can't take England out of the girl! You can't beat a good old British movie! :) xx

  2. I was stopped because my tags were out of date. We'd just moved house, and I explained we'd only been in the US 3 months, so I got off with a warning. I'd also put on my very best English accent, and called the policeman "Officer" in a very clipped way (offica, not officerrrr), so maybe that helped!

    1. Haha brilliant story! I tried with my best English accent too but sadly I was just going too fast that day!