Valentines Day In America

I found out this week Austin does celebrate valentines day, I did find it unusual that both children had Valentine Day parties at school and were both asked to bring in cards and/or gifts for every child in their class, there is some history behind Valentines Day but I decided to not take it too seriously and just looked at it as the kids having some fun on a Friday afternoon!

Winston is doing great, he enjoys playing with the children and is learning that you don't mess with our cats, they have both given him a few swipes to the head for getting too close and comically Winston has also managed to fall in the pool, he doggy paddled to the side and E scooped him out unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the incident. 

In the last few months I have found some great expat publications and blogs that have been priceless to me with their information, advice and contacts plus I have begun to have future expats contact me via my blog looking for advise which I am more than happy to help with as best I can. Hence why I decided to give an interview to expatchild.com: 


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