March 2015

The dreary winter weather means less outdoor living at the moment however I have had a chance to concentrate further on some freelance writing, and last week I was very excited to have my Q&A style interview published in a phenomenal expat publication called Global Living Magazine; http://globallivingmagazine.com/my-expat-story-caroline/

We were invited out to a mid-week dinner by some friends to a rather unusually named restaurant called The Odd Duck. The Odd Duck uses only local food prepared on a wood fired grill and serves creative and delicious small plates with a strong Texas influence, this great restaurant also served a large array of wine choices which is always a plus in my book!

One of my valentines presents from a rather generous husband was a gift certificate to Lake Austin Spa Resort. I managed to bag a friend to come along with me this Sunday and we experienced that ear tingling silence and peace which only a child free zone can provide, a quick tour, robes and slippers on, some lemon iced water to drink and we were ready for our treatment, an hour long Swedish full body massage, lunch was soup and a vegetable thai curry with a bottle of champagne perfect! 

We spent the rest of our time in the sauna and jacuzzi as it was too cold and wet to enjoy the outside pool and gardens, I guess we'll save that for next time hint hint to husband who should be reading this!

I have found my homesickness dwindling recently which is literally a huge weight off my mind, plus we have my sister and husband due to visit us in April.

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