One Year In

On 13th March it was our first year anniversary of moving to America and what a crazy whirlwind it's been, we have gone through so many changes, met many new people, visited many new places and asked many times if we are Australian!

One thing I have learned about myself since living here is that I am more patriotic than I realised hence why I decided to change my blog design, one day recently I just felt the look wasn't 'British' enough.

Last week the children had a 'kite day' at school this involved parents being able to come to the school field and spend about 30 minutes flying kites with their children, my husband in particular enjoyed this activity and 'apparently' there is a knack to kite flying, I just kept out of the way and took photos.

At the weekend we were invited by friends to attend a vintage car and air show in Georgetown, I'm not a massive fan of cars and planes but it was great to see a few British cars there and I managed to get a quick photo of a spectators t-shirt which made me laugh, see below...

This ladies t-shirt just made me chuckle!

We are currently coming to the end of spring break which is one week off school for all children, we have kept busy with parks, play zones, a cinema trip and I also signed the girls up to a kids cooking class http://foodie-kids.com. The cooking class went down great, they made three different dishes from the ski lodge menu and did a bake sale at the end selling cupcakes they had iced themselves.

We tried another new restaurant yesterday which I would highly recommend to anyone living in or visiting Austin called Estancia Churrascaria its a Brazilian steakhouse http://estanciachurrascaria.com/about/ I love walking into a restaurant and the ambiance and decor makes it feel like you could be anywhere in the world. 

You start with an unlimited self service at the salad bar then chefs will personally serve you at your table by slicing meat selections directly from skewers onto your plate plus unlimited side dishes of golden fried bananas, garlic mashed potatoes, rice, beans and homemade cheese bread rolls, yum!

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