#RodeoAustin #StevieWonder

One place I think everyone has to visit especially when in Texas is the Rodeo, so recently we all went to the final night of the Austin Rodeo http://www.rodeoaustin.com

Rodeo Austin also host's Austins largest carnival complete with over 60 rides and games for the whole family. Since 1938 Rodeo Austin has grown from a stock show featuring 16 animals into one of Austin's premier events, featuring a top 10 ProRodeo, daily concerts, world class livestock.

The crowd's favourite, Mutton Bustin', aspiring young cowboys and cowgirls get six seconds of fame riding a sheep!
We were also extremely lucky to have the chance to see the great Stevie Wonder in Austin last weekend, his performance kicked off at 8.20pm and wrapped at midnight and was joined by roughly 50 musicians and vocalists and included guest artist India Arie.

It was a musical journey showcasing new and older material and I was completely enthralled as he sang one of my favourites 'isn't she lovely'. If interested I have included this link to give you a detailed run down of his performance. http://music.blog.austin360.com/2015/04/05/stevie-wonder-brings-musical-mastery-message-of-love-to-erwin-center-show/#__federated=1


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