May 2015

As always I very much look forward to Mothers Day which over here this year was on May 10th, I decided I prefer the fact it's on a different date to the UK Mothers day for a number of reasons 1) I feel less guilty about being away from my own mum than I would if it was on the same day knowing my siblings would be there and not me and 2) I rather selfishly enjoy being the only one getting spoilt!
We are moving house soon to just a few miles down the road, before we moved to America I absolutely hated moving house I found it very stressful mentally and physically but now after doing a move as big as moving to another country I feel absolutely fine about moving house, I've definitely got closure on that fear now.

6 weeks ago I started a professional photography class, you may remember in my 'Christmas American Style' post back in December 2014 http://www.expataustinmum.com/search?updated-max=2015-01-11T16:33:00-08:00&max-results=7 

I received a new camera as a christmas present and promised myself I would go on a course in the new year, well its now May and I have finally got round to doing it. The course was for amateurs but very intense and fast moving, I learned so much, had homework, met some like minded friends and now just need to practice and practice which I completely intend to do as I love photography.

This weekend we went with some great friends of ours to a new restaurant called Uchi, its a contemporary Japanese and sushi restaurant http://www.uchiaustin.com now I always thought I didn't like sushi but apart from one dish I loved everything else plus I didn't even ask for a fork....my chopstick using skills are improving at last!

This month I had another of my expat interview's published on ExpatsBlog.com, http://www.expatsblog.com/articles/1895/british-expat-living-in-usa-interview-with-caroline I very much enjoy reading other expat interviews I love the way you get first hand experience from the source. I used to love reading interviews from other British expats but now I love reading about all experiences especially from people in countries I never thought I would move to myself, it can open up yours eyes especially if the country has strong stereotypes in the media.

It is now only two weeks until my children's school closes for the 12 week summer holiday, and as you can imagine a complete change of routine is ahead!