A Few Big Changes

There have been a number of big changes since my last post, firstly my mum came to visit us from England, secondly we moved house and thirdly my children's school has now closed for the 12 week summer holiday.

Before I begin I will address the bad weather which was in the news recently http://www.foxnews.com/weather/2015/05/30/obama-signs-disaster-declaration-for-texas-as-storm-death-toll-increases/ Austin was not hit as bad as other cities in Texas but nevertheless this storm was pretty scary on some occasions especially when these warnings start appearing on our iPhones, just to be safe my husband cleared out the cupboard under the stairs for shelter as this is the advice given in tornado emergencies.

Last week we were invited to a friends beautiful wedding held at http://www.themamaison.com, luckily the weather cleared up as the ceremony was held outside, the bride and groom had many friends and family fly in from all over the world for the wedding, and we very much enjoyed socialising and partying with them all.

My mums arrival from the UK was truly a priceless moment, we decided to keep it a secret from the girls that she was visiting to create a lovely memory for them when she arrived, this all went amazingly well my husband went to the airport after work and they both arrived at the house around the time he would normally arrive home from work so the girls were not suspicious at all. Mum rang the door bell and our eldest answered it with the youngest following behind, they threw themselves into my mums arms with cries of 'Grandma, Grandma!' we will all treasure the memories forever.

We have been in our new house one week now and we love it, the move was in no way as crazy, hectic and emotional as the move from another country! One hiccup we had was not having electric for 24 hours, so we went out for dinner that night, we put all the frozen/chilled food into a cool box with a tonne of ice and hoped for the best, we found lots of candles and torches to prepare for bed, and slept with no bed covers as summer has really kicked in and we finished off that first night sat in the garden with candles and champagne watching our new view of the lake.

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