Blogathon ATX

Last Saturday I attended my very first blogging conference in Austin, I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I loved it and was sad I had to leave early.

#BlogathonATX is an annual day-long event facilitating blogging, collaboration, tech support and roundtable discussions led by some of the brightest blogging experts and social media enthusiasts in Austin and beyond. Source: Blogathonatx.com

The day started with a humorous panel comprising of four female bloggers discussing 'Social Media You Can See' focusing specifically on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

All of these ladies had a wealth of social media knowledge and experience, I still consider myself an amateur blogger but with an enterprising passion to grow my blog I just need to learn how...

Lunch was sponsored by Stiles Switch BBQ and Brew http://www.stilesswitchbbq.com of course. Well we are in Austin Texas it was never going to be cucumber sandwiches and sausage rolls!

Next up on the panel were people who had found success by connecting with their readers and discussed 'Know Your Reader/Define Your Voice'.

The panels I missed were 'Blogging For Real' and 'Getting What You Want from Your Blog'. Such a shame but I will most definitely be back next year.

On a final note I recently went to one of my favourite Italian restaurant's downtown Austin called Vespaio I am not a massive fan of taking pictures of my food in restaurants, however this particular evening I just had to do it. On the menu was 'Colossal Scrimp' I thought they must mean king prawns but as it turns out colossal scrimp is exactly what they meant! I had literally never seen anything like it before it was HUGE but very tasty and I would throughly recommend it.

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