Up Close With Snoop, VIP F1 and GLM

RIP People of Paris.

Regular readers may remember my cliffhanger from my previous post so I can now tell you all about my recent weekend activities which included seeing Snoop Dogg LIVE finally after all these years plus watching Lewis Hamilton win the American Grande Prix.

My husband, our friends and I were very excited to get tickets for Snoop Dogg, but the usual reality at concerts and festivals is you are usually too far away to actually see the artist clearly but nevertheless you enjoy the music and the atmosphere.

Well this time only standing tickets were left, all seated tickets were already sold but once we got inside the venue The Moody Theatre it was clear that getting near the front row may actually be a possibility...and we did it, a few 'excuse me would you mind if I could get past you please' in a British accent soon meant we were at the front, blooming brilliant!!

I am not a music reviewer but I would highly recommend taking a look at this link I found which gives a great overview of the evening: http://www.texasrockreport.com/snoop-dogg-curates-a-classic-night-in-austin-texas-review/

Then on Sunday we head off to the Circuit of the Americas, now I have to admit I wasn't initially overexcited at going to this event but I thought well free VIP tickets why not. So we arrive and the weather had been terrible the day before making parking an almost catastrophe, lots of mud, people parking all over the place, the staff agitated and stuffy.

Anyway we are in, walk about 20 minutes in our wellies of course and find our quarters. Free food, alcohol, undercover seating all is looking up! Chat to my husbands work colleagues then head outside on the balcony and find some seats. 

All very casual, lovely and calm then the cars come out, the atmosphere changed immediately the air filled with anticipation, excitement and strangers are striking up conversations with each other. I wish I could describe the sound of the cars going by but I'm not sure words would do it justice. Maybe my video clip will give you an idea..

The following weekend was Halloween, our street organised a block party with a DJ, food and drink, art & crafts, BBQ, dancing competition and then after a few hours of mingling and kids playing it was time for the highlight of the night...trick or treating. 

All the kids piled into a neighbours truck and off they went going door to door for hours, fortunately the girls school does a 'donate your halloween candy' scheme to give to a charity so even after syphening off piles of candy to the school the girls still had enough to last at least a week...

This week I was excited to be published in the Global Living Magazine again, the article is entitled 'Returning Home After One Year Abroad' if you would like to read my article visit my FB page or email me at expataustinmum@hotmail.com. To purchase a digital copy of the magazine, download the app Global Living Magazine or visit Magcloud to purchase a printed copy.

Also whilst surfing the web recently I came across this article entitled '5 Expat Blogs to give you Itchy Feet' and was very pleasantly surprised to find my blog had been chosen as one of the 5 by rovingjay.com.

On a humourous final note I won't say where this happened but last week I was asked "So is your daughter a US citizen? because it says here she was born in England".  Me: (rather bemused and a little shocked) "Erm no that makes her a UK citizen!". On a positive note as least it eradicated the awkwardness of being asked where in Australia were we from?

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