February - The time of Pancakes, Cookies & Valentine's Day

A new thing I have learned about Americans is they are CRAZY for Girl Scout Cookies, E sold all her boxes within minutes at my husbands work and I heard numerous people say 'every year they look forward to cookie season'!!

I suddenly realised that coming up was Pancake day also known as Shrove Tuesday on the 9th February, as far as I'm aware America does not acknowledge this day so I made the girls pancakes for breakfast and sent them on their way!

Later that day I met up with some other Brits I've got to know and love who also live in Austin at a local French Bakery and enjoyed crepes with nutella, it was the closest we were going to get to the real thing...plus for the occasion I wore my new jumper which I bought on a whim a few weeks ago whilst searching for something else on the internet and couldn't resist buying...

Valentines Day arrived this month too, like last year the children had Valentine parties at school plus provided a card and gift for every child in class. E chose a template card from the internet, we printed them and stuck them all onto coloured card. E also chose to buy different coloured star pencil rubbers and stick them to the cards, I have learnt through previous miscommunication I should really call them erasers over here...you Americans will all know why ;)

Many of my photos this time have too many children in however this one is my particular favourite...

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