Finally Dry January is Over!

I think this is my fourth year of dry January (no consuming alcohol for 31 days) never a fun time but gladly needed after the overindulging of Christmas and New Year. This time I had to skip one Saturday night in January as it was a friends birthday but nevertheless I only had a few drinks rather than many, no one is perfect after all ;)

Looking at my archives I realised we have had Winston a year now, http://www.expataustinmum.com/2015/02/new-family-member-and-fry-up.html and I clearly remember that first weekend we bought him home, he cried every few hours all through the night thankfully it lasted only about two nights.

One weekend recently we decided to try San Antonio Zoo it was definitely bigger than Austin zoo and had a wider variety of animals but still I felt the enclosures were small, there were plenty of staff around though and the cages were clean with well fed animals.

Another new place we visited this weekend was the Austin Bouldering Project basically an indoor fake rock climbing place. The husband enjoyed it as there were different difficulty levels including upside down and the children were surprisingly nifty at getting up the 'rocks' too. And me? Not my thing at all! I found it boring and spent most of the time making sure the children didn't climb where someone else was jumping down...

I have not done a Q&A interview for a while, this article was published recently by ExpatWoman.com so if you fancy a read then take a look at this: http://www.expatwoman.com/global/monthly_interviews_expat_interview_austin_mum_15822.aspx

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