Living In The Present

Living away from friends, family and everything you understand about life and your own culture really opened wide for me the security those elements can provide, a sort of cocoon to the outside world when things get tough or you just want some home comforts. Life has been very good to us out here and as a family we are all happy and healthy, so no more worrying about the future for me and more enjoying life in the present!

This month was my husbands birthday and the children decided to surprise daddy and buy him 3D IMAX tickets to The Jungle Book my husbands favourite film as a child. We kept it a secret for him right up until the last day when our youngest daughter kept blurting out very obvious hints, she is only 6 of course! I have to say the film was amazing, great effects, voiceovers and imagery, I'd recommend any age to go and see this film.

This weekend our eldest daughter took part in a for fun sports day night which included children from all local schools, my friend was the coach and she led the team of six girls into 2nd place! 'The Pink Panthers' took part in relay, shuttle and dash races, football shoot outs, threw basketball and medicine balls, long jumped, tug of war and an obstacle course...

School will be finished soon and my husband and I have a trip to Vegas coming up with some UK friends. I have also started planning for my annual trip back to England, this time we'll be back for much longer than in previous years to escape the crazy Austin summer scorching heat and to do some much needed traveling around the wonderful country that is Great Britain!

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