Summer Is Coming

Wow May is going slowly! Not too much to report really, I have been volunteering at the school quite a bit, there have been plenty of kids pool parties for various birthdays and my husband had a work trip to the UK so of course I gave him a list as long as his arm of goodies to bring back for me...I mean for us ;)

Whilst hubby was in the UK we had the US Mother's Day here, the girls were actually very good and didn't get up too early insisting I open the crafts and cards they had been making all week. We went for breakfast at a nearby cafe, with me thinking what a great idea there'll be no one there at 9am...well we just got the last available table and there was a queue out the door by the time we had finished!

Starting in June I have signed up to another photography course, this will be my third one in two years and I am determined for the information to sink in this time! I love photography and its so frustrating not to be able to take the pictures I want because I am still learning the technical side, anyway onwards and upwards!

Since starting my blog I receive emails from people all over the world, some leaving comments and questions on my posts, some asking for information about Austin and schools, expats in other countries comparing experiences on homesickness and culture shock (thank god I'm not the only one!) then last week I received an email which was more unique than the others and really made my day to be honest:

Hi Caroline
Just wanted to say that I have loved reading your blog for the last 2 years. So much so that my hubby and I have decided to move to Austin too. We are making the same one way trip on the BA flight from Heathrow to Austin next week. If you see 2 British guys wandering around looking lost, say hi! And thank you for such a great blog!

Hope you guys got to Austin ok and are settling in well :)

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