Embrace Change

Brexit. What I love about social media is the immediate connection I can have with my homeland on all the big and small events taking place. My opinion? I have always embraced change...

The temperatures in Austin have peaked in the last few weeks so every day feels like holiday weather, I'm still glad to be leaving for England this week though because soon Austin will be over 100f and thats way too hot for me and the children! 

The girls did their second and final camp of the summer last week at a local country club, so for 5 mornings they did a mix of swimming, golf, tennis, gymnastics, archery, volleyball, football, games and art and crafts, tired but happy children!

I have been concentrating on packing for our five week trip to England and organising a schedule of places to visit including: London, Edinburgh, Stonehenge, Devon, Isle of Wight, Kent and hopefully more. I love coming home to England and this trip will be no different, although slightly unnerving when family said I should pack coats and warm clothes...

Last week my husband and I had our last date night before I leave for England and we decided on one of my favourite restaurants Steiner Ranch Steakhouse we haven't been there for over a year so I was extra excited! (please excuse my rather weird bendy thumbs!)

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

Saw this number plate last week, thought it was fun lol!

My next post will be from England, see you soon!

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