Summer Whirlwind

In an attempt to keep up to date with my blog and to try something different I decided to compile this post with mainly photos to tell the story of our summer...so after another relatively peaceful BA flight, with only one glass of wine spilt from a wonky plane tray we arrived at Heathrow airport, London, tired but very happy!

We spent some time in London with family and took in the sights...

Oxford Street, Central London
Golden Hinde, London

Aboard the London Eye
There was also a family trip to Maidstone in Kent below is the church where my parents married 52 years ago. We spent the weekend walking, drinking, eating and laughing together!

This tree is over 1000 years old

Stopping for a nice bit of lunch!

Days out at Legoland, Windsor. Wicked at the Apollo Theatre, Victoria. Windsor Castle and so much more!!


Me and mother with our Elixir drinks at Wicked, Apollo Theatre, London

Windsor Castle, England

Feeding swans along the River Thames
Windsor Bridge built in 1824
Along with family I also very much miss friends and food from England!

Sunday roast dinner with giant Yorkshire Pudding!
Indian curry - my FAVOURITE!!
We also squeezed in a holiday to the Dominican Republic before school began...

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