A Mixed Bag!

Whoops, I somehow missed March! A brief catch up for you...on the 13th of March it was our three year anniversary of moving to Austin, sometimes I can't quite believe it myself and yes mostly it feels like we are part of the furniture now!

Also in March was Spring break, unlike most of the city we stayed in Austin, I took the girls swimming, some indoor places like Altitude and Main Event, a few play dates and sleepovers plus we all spent a night away at Log Country Cove to be fair we could have made more of our visit by going on some walks but it was great to just sit by the pool with a glass/bottle of rose wine and friends whilst the children all played and swam. 🍷😎

Jump to April and my in-laws have arrived from England, they chose to drive themselves the 20 minutes from the airport...4 hours later they arrive slightly bedraggled but in one piece! Driving with no satellite navigation plus throw in a sprinkling of jet lag and there were a few wrong turns along the way but they made it and yes this is their third time to Austin!😂 

On Sunday it was the launch of Victoria Beckham's budget clothing range in the Target stores over here...I still can't work out how Target managed to bag Victoria Beckham but they did! So by 8am the mother-in-law and I arrived at the store, it wasn't too busy I was expecting queues so it was nice to browse without elbows at the ready! I did have to go back later in the day though after I'd posted my photo to FB my sister back in England piped up 'it is my birthday soon'...

After a hectic weekend it was now Monday and with hubby at work, the girls at school and the in-laws out walking Winston I was looking forward to the 10 minutes peace I get whilst eating breakfast and watching This Morning with Phil and Holly via my uktveverywhere box (I'd be lost without it!).

A while later whilst my phone was accidentally on silent I notice I have a voicemail, turns out its my mother-in-law, "we have locked our keys in the hire car please help", did I mention it was also pouring with rain, honestly hubby and I were crying with laugher you couldn't make this stuff up, we thought should we really allow them to go off on their own for their road trip to Vegas. 😆

Planning for our Disney trip is getting more fun now its closer, I even on a whim bought a Minnie Mouse t-shirt to wear plus I have a bum bag ready. Today my neighbour saw me out walking Winston whilst wearing my bum bag and said "Hey, I like your fanny pack" that description will forever make me chuckle!

Unbelievably the girls have just 6 weeks left of school before the summer holidays start, not that I'm shaking and stocking up on wine already of course, remember they have 3 months off school...😅