May's Antics...

Since my last post my in-laws managed to get to Vegas and back in one piece and after two weeks with us in Austin they lost a pair of driving glasses in the lake (which needed replacing at a cost of course) and they lost Winston down a sewer pipe (they managed to pull him out and he's fine). 😬😂

A perk of having family visit us out here is hubby and I finally get to have some time alone and for free, so last weekend after much deliberation we decided to go back to basics and go camping at the RV River Park which is about one hours drive from Austin.

Friday night started well the sun was out, hubby said the tent was 'easy' to put up and we were soon settled and ready for an evening of relaxing with beer and wine by the river.

Unlike British camping it wasn't long before our American neighbours started introducing themselves and offering food and as it turns out one of the guys participates in BBQ competitions and had even bought his smoker along, they had to be the BEST ribs we had ever tasted...we'll be looking out for him now on the next Man V Food programme!

After a surprisingly good nights sleep, hubby cooked us up a bacon and egg breakfast and we decided on what to do that day. The nearest village was called Gruene (Green in German) so we headed there and enjoyed a walk around checking out the 'wild west' looking buildings and roads, we stopped for lunch and I found my new favourite drink...a frozen Sangria 😎🍹

Frozen Sangria!
The river we were camping next to is called the Guadalupe River, it has varying currents and rapids which makes it popular for tubing, so we signed up for a two hour float using hired equipment plus we were able to hire a third ring with a bottom to place our beer & wine for the float definitely more relaxed rules than in England!

Unfortunately the current wasn't very strong that day so we realised quite quickly we would have to take it in turns to paddle cue very sore shoulder muscles Sunday morning, this next photo was on my 'break'!

Back in Austin and after weeks of the weather getting warmer and the nights longer, this Friday there was a random hail storm we were at the mall so we missed but it was strong enough it take out two trees on the street plus we lost power for hours...crazy Texas weather just when you think you'd seen it all!! 😳

"drive under it" they said...😁😳


  1. Hi Your blog is inspirational! We moved to Austin last March so just had our one year anniversary here. I t has been so helpful to see your posts about your first years here

    1. Hi Kathy, Thank you so much your comments mean a lot to me! And congrats on your one year anniversary, are you British also?

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