Summer Time!

With the in-laws safely back in Austin and looking after our pets, and after much excitement and planning we finally arrive for our highly anticipated holiday in Florida. 

We met our friends from England at the airport and after lots of hugs & kisses we were on the short drive to our first villa. Unpacked, fed & settled we opened our first of many bottles of wine, alas it was not a boozy late night as our itinerary meant we were off to our first park the next day...The Magic Kingdom.

Even though we had mapped our route and booked our fast passes ahead of time we were still overwhelmed at the size of the park and it took a few hours to get our heads around where to go, how the memory maker worked and the heat.

After years of never even attempting to ride a rollercoaster my husband decided he would break the habit of a lifetime and go on Space Mountain, then not only did he go on it and enjoy it he proceeded to go on every rollercoaster going throughout all four Disney parks!

After a well deserved day by the pool we were ready to visit Epcot I don't think any of us realised we wouldn't get back to the villa until 10pm that day, we just kept going on more and more rides.

Plus we saw Denise Van Outen filming a TV show and our friend got a selfie with her a "life long dream come true" he said! Next on the list was Disney's Hollywood Studios and finally Disney's Animal Kingdom, another couple of long hot but fun days.

Our friend with Denise Van Outen

We were all looking forward to our second week in Florida with a view for a more relaxed week on the beach so we drove west to Siesta Key. A beautiful place, with plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes unfortunately after a few days it rained A LOT...nevertheless we kept going to the beach until the day it rained so hard it felt like hail. 😁☔

We are well into the swing of the school summer holidays, last week we went to a new place called Volente Beach its a small waterpark just off Lake Travis...perfect for my children!

Its countdown to our UK visit now, an American recently asked me if I was nervous about my trip home this year after the latest attacks our beautiful country has suffered and do you know what my answer was...absolutely not!

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