Helping Houston

We have all seen the devastating scenes coming out of Houston this week, in Austin we are about a three hour drive from the flooding yet I have witnessed such an outpouring of local support it is totally heartwarming to watch and to be a part of.

Local people have been renting trucks off their own backs, whilst others have gone from store to store tracking down much needed supplies and driving the trucks back and forth directly to shelters in Houston.

Queues of people on the highways taking their boats to help evacuate people still trapped in their homes.

The animal shelters transporting to Austin the influx of pets rescued from the impacted areas.

And much much more, if you are not located in Texas and wish to help please do click on the links below. There are many ways to donate financially however I know these organisations would be donating directly to Houston.

American Red Cross
Salvation Army
Austin Pets Alive

If you are in Texas and with so many people spending more time outside to help with Hurricane Harvey, I have just received from a local Austin doctor an informative infographic that covers sunscreen usage as well as how to protect your skin from harmful rays. Stay Safe in the Heat

Thank you,
Expat Austin Mum 💟