Autumn in Austin

After missing a few years, this Autumn we bought tickets for the ACL Festival at Zilker Park in downtown Austin, we only went Friday night because Jay Z was headlining but to be honest that was more than enough.

This year it was so hot you literally had to find shade every few minutes and we were desperate for the sun to go down...sometimes I think I'm used to the Texas sun and other times like that day its like we've just arrived from England completely unacclimated. πŸ˜‚

Also we got to ACL later in the day than expected so we didn't get a chance to browse the food and fashion stands this time, but nevertheless the atmosphere was buzzing, we went with some fun friends and even the wine tasted ok!

Thank you Angela for the photo!
Next up was Halloween and this year we had a surprise on our doorstep something we hadn't experienced for a few years...we got boo'd! I'm not a huge fan of Halloween but this idea is so cute plus the children LOVE it! To quote one of my followers on Instagram when I posted this photo she wrote "I just thought this happened on TV" πŸ˜‚

Regular readers may remember the street we currently live on always hosts a Halloween party, its a child friendly mix of food, movies, music, competitions and this year a petting zoo. The one downfall on my part is I didn't anticipate how cold it would be this night, it doesn't look it in this picture but we were freezing! ⛄😁

This is NOT my house! πŸ˜³πŸ‘»
Due to a busy 2018 we are staying in Austin for Christmas this year and I have been engrossed in stocking up on some much missed and sought after English treats ready for the Christmas period via British Corner Shop. I ordered items such as Cadburys and Galaxy advent calendars, brandy christmas pudding, proper cranberry sauce (not cranberry jelly in a tin😷)...I can't list everything I bought as my children read my blog too πŸ˜‰

We have my parents flying over in the next few weeks and they will be with us for Christmas day, so I have also been researching local Christmas markets, shows, fairs and other fun stuff for us to engage in whilst in the spirit of Christmas.

Where will you be for Christmas Day this year?

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