Happy New Year 2018

Would you believe it...we actually had snow in Austin, twice! Firstly it fell early December then again on NYE which really was special to see. It still amazes me that an area which has such hot weather for months on end can also have ice and snow just months apart.

Also in early December we did our usual trip to get a real Christmas tree and after discussions with the knowledgable staff we decided on a tree from Europe of course!

The arrival of my parents in Austin was exciting, I was determined to really make the most of Christmas in Austin this year especially as we had been away for the past two years.

One of the first places we ventured to was Winter Wonderland at COTA, to be honest I'm not sure I would go just adults but the children loved it plus my parents were enthralled at the camel rides, the tunnel of lights and the sheer size of the Circuit of the Americas!

Next on our list was the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar an indoor event centre full of stalls selling mainly fine art and stocking fillers. To be fair it was not very Christmas inspired nevertheless the bazaar had live music and we were able to try some Korean BBQ with a wine plus pizza for the kids, done!

A real treat for us all was watching A Christmas Carol at the Zach Theatre downtown, all of us myself, husband, grandparents and children laughed, cried, sang and danced all the way through the show, picture the Dickens' classic infused with Motown and modern music.

A few days before Christmas we had another fun surprise on the doorstep that I'd not yet seen in England...again the children loved it!

Christmas day arrived and after a 5am wake up call from the children we were all up opening the stocking presents, it was a pleasant change to be in our own house this year so no packing, flights or hotel rooms for us this Christmas.

My husband always cooks Christmas dinner in our house and he did his usual fantastically tasteful fare which was devoured in its usual Christmas day way, although I think he was still a bit bitter that I won Monopoly by a landslide just a few days before! 🙌😂

After a fun and friendly NYE party at a dear friends house, we are now full steam ahead into January and with the kids off school until 9th January its still been a bit crazy around these parts nevertheless I have persuaded some more people to join me with Dry January so cheers to that!

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