Its Been A While!

Some regular readers may have noticed I haven't posted for a while, all will be revealed soon but in the meantime here is a splash of what we have been up to recently...

Back in February this year we enjoyed a few nights child-free in New York for my brothers 50th birthday, the day we arrived we went out for his birthday dinner where the service and food was outstanding.

The next day we boarded a ferry and headed to the Statue of Liberty and the Immigration Museum, my husband and I very much enjoyed the immigration museum as we were able to relate to the ambience due to our own experiences.

Also observing how contrasting it was for families and individuals decades ago to have accomplished the same thing as us was a real eye opener and a humbling experience.

At the top of the Rockefeller Observation Deck with my bro and sis
On our return I was fall steam ahead as part of a committee organising the schools very first outdoor movie night on the school grounds. The children voted on their school iPads between Wonder and The Emoji Movie, we were all secretly glad Wonder got the majority vote!

The weather played ball that day and with an amazing turnout with families, siblings and friends everyone had a fantastic Friday night...

Another new event I attended recently was The Victory Cup Derby Day which is a national polo tournament. I'd never been to a polo match so I was intrigued and decided to join in on this fun girls outing.

We all agreed dresses where appropriate and arrived about midday, the weather is hotting up here now but luckily we were able to watch the polo from under the gazebos.

One of our neighbours is in a band called The Plain White T's and they were playing in Austin for one night only before they started their tour so all us neighbours bought tickets and headed downtown for the Tuesday evening show. The band played some new music and older classics such as Hey There Delilah 🎶

This weekend we went back to the camp site we visited last year but this time we took the children and some friends. We had a blast and enjoyed another day of tubing down the Guadeloupe river, BBQ's and chilling...

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